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Celtic Harper

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Professional Summary

Cynthia Lynn Douglass is nationally known as an expert on the Celtic, electric and cross-strung harps. After twenty years of study on the violin, clarinet, and renaissance recorders, Cynthia discovered the rich harmonies of the Celtic harp and the healing effects it gives her listeners. Twenty years later, the Celtic harp is still her favorite instrument and her primary focus.

Her work with the harp is broad in scope: in addition to beginning over 100 students on the instrument, she has formed three harp ensembles: the Augusta Harp Ensemble in Augusta, GA, the Birmingham Harp Ensemble in Birmingham, AL, and Celtic Harpistry and Waking Erin in Salt Lake City UT. Cynthia moved to Salt Lake City in 2006 with her husband and two sons.

She has ten solo recordings published to date, which are distributed nationwide and overseas.

Cynthia offers workshops to harpers and harpists all over the country on subjects ranging from Passionate Playing to Learning a Celtic Tune in a Session and Bass Patterns for Improvising and Arranging.