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You may listen to and purchase individual tracks of Cynthia's passionate harp cd's by visiting iTunes, and

Whole cd's are available below. Music, workbooks, and aroma therapy sets will be posted here in the near future.

For you living in or visiting Salt Lake City, cd's may be purchased from Gypsy Moon Emporium, 1011 East 900 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84105, phone (801) 521-9100.


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An Open Heart cd



This lovely recording features the Celtic harp, with Cynthia also playing renaissance recorders and the American Indian flute on some selections. An Open Heart showcases a number of Cynthia's original compositions; her two favorite classical pieces, and Celtic favorites.

Listen to a sample from An Open Heart: Scarborough Fair



Angelic Noel



Cynthia's Christmas release for solo harp begins with her own original celebration of the season, a joyful and playful tune about children dancing around the Christmas tree. She combines sacred classical selections with traditional Christmas songs, and adds a few seasonal selections from France and Ireland.

Listen to a sample from Angelic Noel: Around the Tree

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Blessed Spirit cd



Cynthia applies her unique style to the sacred hymns of the Christian world. Imagine yourself on the top of the world, meditating in the stillness and serenity of Heaven.

Listen to a sample from Blessed Spirit: Amazing Grace


Breakin' Out cd



This contemporary collage features Cynthia's original compositions for harp, keyboards, woodwinds, and nature sounds. From a romantic French love song to an Indian raga, from a jazzy playful tune about street performers to a blend of Arabic and Celtic idioms in the same song, the recording offers the wide variety of genres that Cynthia Douglass has become famous for.

Listen to a sample from Breakin' Out: The Last Warrior


Bridge Across Eternity cd



Bridge Across Eternity exemplifies the range of passion Cynthia brings to her musical recording. This predominately classical album features Cynthia on the Celtic harp, with a rich accompaniment by her and her friends heard on woodwinds and bowed strings.

Listen to a sample from Bridge Across Eternity: Sinfonia


Celtic Magic cd



Celtic Magic presents Cynthia's expertise in Celtic music. All tunes are traditional Scottish and Irish, and she is joined by the Irish flute, bodhran, fiddle, and guitar. Some selections are lovely and slow, others sprightly and fast. You will feel transported to the Celtic islands as Cynthia weaves a tale of mystery and magic through her nimble fingers on the harp.

Listen to a sample from Celtic Magic: Sterling Castle medley


Wedding cd



When you are considering music for this most sacred of ceremonies, this cd provides excerpts of 40 selections Cynthia often plays at weddings. They are categorized by their placement in the service, and the selections offer both solo and multi-instrumental arrangements. While this recording was created for demo purposes only, many of my listeners have asked to purchase it for their wedding memories collection.

Listen to a sample from Harp Music For Your Wedding: Primavera

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Love's Garden cd



Love's Garden emphasizes the romantic magic in this blend of contemporary and traditional love songs. Selections include movie themes and traditional favorites. The purpose of this album, Cynthia says, is "to cultivate the garden of love within us all."

Listen to a sample from Love's Garden: O Danny Boy


Lullabies cd



Soothing lullabies for solo Celtic harp to calm your little ones. A perfect gift for new arrivals and for young children to aid them in their sleep.

Listen to a sample from Lullabies: Brahms' Lullaby


Meditations cd





Quiet electric harp and nature sounds. Soft and gentle Celtic and original melodies form two 30-minute meditations. A favorite for massage therapists, students of yoga and Tai Chi, and for health professionals.

Listen to a sample from Meditations: Innishere

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MUSICAL SCENTS (while supplies last):

For thousands of years people have been using the combination of music and natural fragrances to enhance their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. To bring this ancient wisdom into our modern lives, we have created an exquisite gift set that combines Cynthia's full length cd's with a highly scented candle. Treat yourself to this double delight, or give it as a gift to your friends and family! These make wonderful wedding gifts, or gifts from the family to the bridal party.

Scents your can choose are:

Clarity ~ wildflowers and berries (two left in stock)

Relaxation ~ lavender & rose with a touch of cedar & sandalwood (nine left in stock)

Romance (previously Passion) ~ rose, cyclamen, lily & violet (eight left in stock)

Serenity ~ ylang-ylang with lavender and sage (two left in stock)

Renewal ~ spruce, fir and pine (one left in stock)

Yuletide Spice ~ cinnamon and clove (nine left in stock)

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Bass Patterns

Celtic Ornamentation and Styling

Learning a Celtic Tune in a Session

Mapping the Music for Sight Reading and Memorization:

Passionate Playing

Selling Your Wares at Trade Shows

The 6/6 Cross-Strung Harp

Xmas Harp Arrangements

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