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I occasionally have used harps for sale, either ones of mine or of my students. I am very familiar with their history and am the original owner of the instrument (or my student is). Feel free to call me if you have further questions about these instruments after reading the descriptions below. My current stock of used harps include:

  • Blevins Ariel 38

I have represented several harp manufacturers over the years, and would like to include below a few words about them, as well as providing you with a FREE Harp Buyer's Guide, giving you valuable information about what to look for in your first harp, what to avoid, and how to find the perfect harp for you!

Should you decide to purchase one of these harps, I will invoice you through PayPal, or accept a Cashier's Check or Money Order.

Ariel used  


Blevins Ariel 38

This lovely cherry wood harp by Dwight Blevins has a huge sound, very deep and rich due to the very tall sound box. It has a full set of Loveland levers, a custom padded carrying case, spruce sounding board, and tuning key. It has been played for about 2 years, and is in excellent condition. This retails for $3547.00 with the features noted above, but I am offering it to you for the extremely fair price of $2,800 plus shipping from Salt Lake City, UT, USA.

The string spacing is wide in the bottom couple of octaves, which is perfect for someone with large hands, which includes most men, and medium to tall women. A male student of mine really enjoyed this harp a lot, finding it helped him not get his fingers "stuck" between the strings.

The harp is 53" high, 14" wide. While quite tall, the narrowness at the top of the four sided sound box makes for a comfortable fit at the shoulder. The base is also one of the most secure bases you will ever see, offering you little opportunity to inadvertently knock the harp over. The range is A6 to high C, and it weighs a very reasonable 26 lbs.

If you are looking for a huge sound, not booming but very even top to bottom, with medium tension, and a lush overall tone, this is the harp for you! I have never found a harp in this price bracket that sounds as good.

You can hear this harp on the Blevins web site.